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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Remove SW from Fabric

Hi guys
I need help, I have in my infrastructure 5 Sw Brocade, to migrate LUN from HP Storage on EMC Storage, this is the link

Sw1 ID=1 Role Principal
Sw2 ID=2 Role Sub
Sw3 ID=3 Role Sub
Sw4 ID=4 Role Sub
Sw5 ID=5 Role Sub

SW1 Connect ISL Sw2
SW1 Connect ISL Sw3
SW4 connect ISL Sw3
SW5 Connect ISL Sw3
SW2 Connect ISL Sw3

the migration was completed, I connected all FC from Sw1 to Sw3, now I have to remove the Sw1. I disconnected the FC linking SW1 with SW2
all hosts continue to access the LUN properly, now the rule SW2 has Principal
my problem is that if I log in to the GUI of the sw 5, in my fabric I see correctly 4 SW (and there SW1),
but if I access from SW2, the fabric can still see SW1.
if I connect via SSH and do the command fabricshow, I see correctly 4 SW (dont see SW1) also from SW2,

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Re: Remove SW from Fabric

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Hi, in GUI it's often associated with different firmware level into you SAN enviroment.

Check you firmware on all switches and try to upgrade them to the same version.


In future try assign the principal role to most performance and high firmware level switch.

I persistently recommend configure FCS policy in your SAN and rules who can vote to become the principal switch into fabric.

Also set priority flags.

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Re: Remove SW from Fabric

Thanks, i have another question,

after I removed the 2 switches that had ID = 1 and ID = 2, the sw that had ID = 3 was elevated to the role Principal (even if it is the SW with the old software) , so now my fabric has 3 SW with ID=3 (principal),  ID= 4  ID= 5, I can change the ID of the sw 5, changing it to ID=5 to ID=1What does it ?, SW that would ID = 1 takes the role of princial?


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Re: Remove SW from Fabric

by default lower wwn will be the  principal switch unless you change with fabricprincipal command.

you may designate particular switch as principal switch with fabricprincipal command.




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