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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Reboot Server Cause Marginal Status

We reboot the servers regularly, sometime it causes the SAN swicth (Brocade 5000) become Marginal status but somtime not. Any reason on this? Any setting can avoid this happen? Thanks.

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Re: Reboot Server Cause Marginal Status

There is a switch status policy that shows a switch as marginal if ports are marginal or faulty. I discovered this when I disabled unused ports and the status changed to marginal.

To view and change the policy, log in comand line and enter the switchStatusPolicyShow command. This will show the number of marginal or faulty ports that will trigger a status change. To change the policy, enter switchStatusPolicySet. A value of 0 for down ports will remove this annoyance!

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Re: Reboot Server Cause Marginal Status

Thanks for the reply. I wonder that why no each time reboot the server cause the port become marginal. Any threshold on the port affect it? Can I change the threshold on the port or reset the status?

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