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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Real throughput of FC ports

Hi you all,

Can anyone tell me what the real throughput of FC Gb ports are. What i'm trying to say is, for instance; If i have a 8Gb port ( switch of HBA ), do i have a total of 8Gb ( say 800MB ) for both the tx and the rx, or are they individual 8Gb. So can i have a theoretically, simultaneously max throughput of 8Gb tx + 8Gb rx.



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Re: Real throughput of FC ports

Hi Stephan,

By definition the FC is using a (simultan) bidirectional communication.

So you can transmitt 8Gb data and receive a 8Gb data strean in the same time over a 8Gb FC connection.

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Re: Real throughput of FC ports


from my point of view, you will not find here a generally answer.

What you can do is to interrogate the port with the command "portperfshow"

another option is Performance Monitoring, but this is a Licensed features.


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