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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Re-use same alias name on HBA wwn port

Hi ,

I am using dcfm10.4.3, I am getting following error on a alias set on new wwn port after replacing a failed HBA on host side. How can I clear the old alias (pretty much to use the same alias name for new wwn port) from port alias DB? Much appreciated on your feedback on this

"Name is already in use. Provide a different name or clear the name from the product using it currently."


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Re: Re-use same alias name on HBA wwn port

Hi mtata,

if you're trying to create a new alias with the same name and new WWN, it won't work because as it says that name is already in the config.

I would rather add a new WWN to the same old alias, then remove the old WWN. This way you won't need to change anything else.

CLI counterparts for these actions are aliAdd and aliRemove.

Hope this helps,


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