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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Re-Enable Broken ISL, Segmented switch

I have two brocade 5300 series San Switches that were previously merged.The ISL links got broken at some point and fabric changes were made at both ends of the switch, when trying to re establish the ISL link I get a segmented switch error.

What is the best way to re merge the fabric without any down time.

My suggestion was to find the changes that were made on each switch and make sure the same change was done on the other switch. Would this solve my problem and the ISL link will come back up?

Let me know what yall think?


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Re: Re-Enable Broken ISL, Segmented switch

Seems like the problem is elsewhere. There is a problem in the rules for merge attempt that is preventing your merge.

Check this ABC from FOS admin guide:

A merge is not possible if any of the following conditions exist:
- Configuration mismatch: Zoning is enabled in both fabrics and the zone configurations
that are enabled are different in each fabric.
- Type mismatch: The name of a zone object in one fabric is used for a different type of zone
object in the other fabric.
- Content mismatch: The definition of a zone object in one fabric is different from the
definition of zone object with the same name in the other fabric.
- Zone Database Size: If the zone database size exceeds the maximum limit of another
If the zoneset members on two switches are not listed in the same order, the configuration is
considered a mismatch, resulting in the switches being segmented from the fabric. For
example: cfg1 = z1; z2 is different from cfg1 = z2; z1, even though members of the
configuration are the same. If zoneset members on two switches have the same names
defined in the configuration, make sure zoneset members are listed in the same order.

Also check that "defzone --show" is the same on both switches.

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Re: Re-Enable Broken ISL, Segmented switch

Which segmentation error is in the error log of the affected san switches?

The switchshow command should also give a short information for the segmentation reason.

This will help to fix it.

Compare the zonecfg by text editor or DCFM.



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