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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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RCS Disabled when merging with IBM Bladecenter QLogic switches.

Bladecenter QLogic 20-port 4Gb SAN switch module running firmware
IBM SAN40B switch running firmware 6.4.0c. Not sure exactly which Brocade switch this is OEM'd as.

The SAN40B is running Brocade-native.

Prior to merging set the Qlogic switch to interop_1 mode and verified  the R_A_TOV and E_D_TOV parameters match. Domain ID's are unique. The  switch merged successfully.

Yesterday when I tried to make a zoning change on the SAN40B it failed with:

Zoning transaction aborted Bad Zone Config.
Zoning transaction initiated by user:Admin, Role: Admin could not be completed successfully - RCS is disabled.

and my changes were discarded.

Re-Re-verified with the Qlogic switch interoperability guide my  settings. The switches/fabric seem to be functioning fine. I'm just  unable to make any zoning changes. Been searching for 2-days and just  not finding anything.

Anyone able to help us out..?

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