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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Question on creating aliases for member?

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Can someone explain the best practice on what member to select in the tree view when creating aliases?


In the example attached, when I expand one of the ports I see multiple devices and each of these devices have a sub-device.


When creating aliases, what should we be selecting the top level member device (purple) or sub-device (red)? I am sure my terminology used in here is wrong but I am not entirely sure how to describe this - so attached a picture to go along with it.


Is there a best practice as to what to select? What is the different when selecting the top level attached device vs. expanding and selecting the expanded option?


Is one refered to as the WWNN and the other as WWPN?



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Re: Question on creating aliases for member?

Use the WWNPN (the last one in that tree).

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