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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Question on best practice for cleaning up zones and aliases

I've ran the health check and identified aliases no longer present and many zones that contain these aliases.


I was going to write some commands to remove the aliases from zones and then delete the aliases and zones afterwards.


My question is.. Could I skip the removal of zone members and go straight to deleting no longer connected Aliases? Would the deletion of these Aliases automatically remove them from zones cleanly? I wasn't able to find anyhting about this in the forums or google.


To tackle the multi initiator zone issues I have already planned on creating zingle initiator zones, enable them, make sure connectivity is still good, then remove the multi initiator zones and confirm connectivity is still good. 


Many thanks in advance.




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Re: Question on best practice for cleaning up zones and aliases

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Unfortunately no.
Brocade haven't built-in software for this.

You can do it manually, or make the script which will compare output nsallshow and cfgshow, and make your function...

And you can see some advanced options in smart zonning.

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