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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Question about Managment Port (Ethernet Port) on 7800

I have a couple of hopefully simple questions about the Management port on the 7800.  First, can it be on the same subnet as the ge0 port?  For instance, if I have the managment ip as 10.10.10.x can I also have the ge0 port (for replication) also be 10.10.10.x(a different number)?  Will this cause any conflict?  Also, is there a way to manage the management port from the CLI, I can't seem to find a good way to do it.  I found ways to look at the ip but nothing to really make any changes.  Thanks,


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Re: Question about Managment Port (Ethernet Port) on 7800


if I understand you question correct, you want to configure the Management Port in same Subnet as GE0.

If yes, the answer is:

I made the same config last by a customer , and put the management Port from remote 7800 in same Subnet as FCIP however with different IP and work fine without any issue since around One and half Year.


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