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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Problems with initial configuration

While attempting to build a 5100 fiber channel switch we have run into a problem with the EZsetup utility.  Everything works fine through the initial configuration of the IP address, but when the web browser launches nothing happens, except for the browser closing and the EZSetup utility closes right after that.  We've looked at our IE and Java versions and they are at or above the recomended levels.  We've verified that ActiveX is enabled and are now at a loss as to where else to look.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Problems with initial configuration

Yes i've got some questions, like what else did you try?

-does telnet and or ssh to the box work

-did you alter or create ipfilter rules

-does http(s) work if you start the browser en manually type the ip

-if your regular browser didn't work did you try an alternitive browser and or workstation

-did you see a java popup saying something in the lines of or having a tickbox  "trust this publisher"

-did you clear temp inet files and cache etc

If telnet or ssh works use that instead of ezsetup, its not that difficult to setup a switch

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Re: Problems with initial configuration

Thanks for the response Dion.v.d.c.  I have some answers to your questions.

Telnet and SSH do work just fine.

We did not alter or create the ipfilter rules, but we received this switch from someone else and do not know for certain what was done to it prior to us getting it.

HTTPS gives the same results as HTTP from the browser.

We tried an alternate worstation with the same results, but could not change the browser as our environment only allows us to us certain OS's and applications.

The only Java popup we had was when we had an unsigned version of Java appear and we were not prompted with a "trust this publisher" message.

We did clear the temp inet files, cache, and all other files.

We plan to setup the switch from telnet.

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Re: Problems with initial configuration

If you got the switch from someone else I suggest you clear any zoning, set the switch and port to default (not all setting are effected) with configdefault en portcfgdefault. Check all other settings aswell

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