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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Problems connecting MDS9000 to SAN via HP B-series Switch

Hi All,


im fairly new to Fibre Channel, im trying to connect a DS3400 to a Bladecenter via a HP B-series 4/16 switch.. in normal mode the switch will see the DS3400 but it will not see the Cisco FC Switch in the Bladecenter. The HP B-series Switch is running FOS v6.1.2c, unfortunately there is some issue with the licence(s) and im not able to create any trunks:


just as a note: if i connect the MDS9000 directly to the DS3400 it will see it. using Fabric manager i can see the link, and it has been verified working with ESXi.


SWTSAN2:admin> licenseshow
Unknown1 license
Unknown2 license
Fabric license
Full Ports on Demand license - additional 8 port upgrade license


i have put the switch into Active Gateway mode and as per the mapping (default) N-port 14 mapped to F-ports 6,7,8 - but im still not able to connect to the MDS9000 switch in the Bladecenter:


connections are:


DS3400(controllerB) ------- (port7) |HP B-series Switch| (port 14) ----------------- (port 16) Cisco MDS9000 Bladecenter


SWTSAN2:admin> switchshow
switchName: SWTSAN2
switchType: 34.0
switchState: Online
switchMode: Access Gateway Mode
switchWwn: 10:00:00:05:1e:02:8b:dc
switchBeacon: OFF

Area Port Media Speed State Proto
0 0 id 2G No_Light
1 1 -- 2G No_Module
2 2 -- 2G No_Module
3 3 -- 2G No_Module
4 4 id 2G No_Light
5 5 -- 2G No_Module
6 6 -- 2G No_Module
7 7 id 4G In_Sync Disabled (N-Port Offline for F-Port)
8 8 id 4G No_Light
9 9 -- 4G No_Module
10 10 -- 4G No_Module
11 11 -- 4G No_Module
12 12 -- 4G No_Module
13 13 -- 4G No_Module
14 14 id 4G In_Sync Disabled (NPIV not supported by Fabric port)
15 15 -- 4G No_Module


so my question is: can this be done? is there a config port on the MDS9000 that im missing here? why is port 7 on the HPswitch not connecting to the DS3400 in AG mode? 


Many thanks!

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