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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Problem with ISL on 3900 to 4900 Replacement

We have a SAN consisting of 2 redundant fabrics - each with a 48000 director running V6.2.2f and 2 edge switches - each connected via ISL.  The edge switches on each fabric are a 200E running V6.2.2e and a 3900 running V5.3.2c.
Yesterday, I attempted to replace the 3900s with 4900s running V6.4.3c, but was unable to get the ISL port to come on line.  I had a serial console session open and received no informational or warning messages.  The 4900 had no config, so there wasn't a zoning conflict.  I rebooted the 4900, tried different ports and different SFPs on both the 4900 and the 48000.  None of these actions fixed the problem.  Below is a licenseshow from the 3900 and the 4900.  The 3900 has a trunking license, but we're not doing any trunking.
Any ideas on possible solutions ?  I'm not sure where to look, as I didn't see any informational or error messages.  The ISL port simply refused to come on line

3900:admin> licenseshow
    Web license
    Zoning license
    Fabric license
    Fabric Watch license
    Performance Monitor license
    Trunking license

4900:admin> licenseshow
    Obsolete license
    Obsolete license
    Fabric license
    Fabric Watch license
    First Ports on Demand license - additional 16 port upgrade license

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Re: Problem with ISL on 3900 to 4900 Replacement


In most of similar cases we are experincing some incompatible configuration settings.

Yous sould check they.

Unfortunately default configs settings can be different for different hardware.

There is correct troubleshooting article about segmented fabrics:

Did you investigated switchow and/or errshow output?

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Re: Problem with ISL on 3900 to 4900 Replacement

did you add the switch (wwn) to the scc_policy of the active fabric?

issue seccpolicyshow and verify if the wwn of the switch you trying to add is listed there.

what does errdump, errshow say?

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