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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Problem with Brocade HBA 825


Guys I do really need  some help. Few months ago our organization bought one Brocade 825 HBA and installed it on a HP DL-360 G7 server. This server will be direct attached to a HP StorageWorks MSA 2324fc through the dual controller that comes from factory with this storage (MSA 2324fc). I read the documentation, installed the appropiate Brocade driver on the HP DL360G7. The server is running with Windows Sever Enterprise 2003 R2 x64 edition Service Pack 2  with all the Windows Updates. The fiber patch cables are Ok. However, when I try to see the data in the direct attached storage, I cannot see any logical drive.

I am pretty sure that every drive in the storage is in a very good health condition.

I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out the problem and so far I have not had any luck . The interesting thing is that in the server's (HP DL360G7) host connectivity manager, both Brocade HBA's  port appear as though the brocade HBA ports were disconnected. AND THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!!  I have double check the fiber patch cord health, connection between the server and the storage and I am pretty sure they are OK. For testing purpose,  I have connected one 825 HBA port to the other 825 HBA port and they both enter in a "connected link state" in the host connectivity manager!!!!

Almost forgot.... I have tested the HBA controllers from the HP MSA2324fc and they are OK!!!!!!!!

I have attached two images from the

Can someone help me, please......?  I have tried a lot of things and have not successfully resolve this issue!!!!!!!


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Re: Problem with Brocade HBA 825


Currently Brocade HBA (BR-825) only supports P2P (Point-to-Point) mode, hence, direct connection or attached to an FC-AL (Fibre Channel Abritrated Loop) device such as HP MSA 2324fc will not work and it's indicated as "Link Down" in your Brocade HCM screenshots. I currently had the same HP array as yours.

So in order to see the MSA2312fc array's LUN's, both Brocade BR-825 and the MSA array need to connect to a Fibre Channel switch.

The next driver v3.1.0.0 will support FC-AL and it schedules to be released in Summer of 2012 (Jun - July) timeframe.

Please check the Brocade adapter driver download page at the given time:

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Re: Problem with Brocade HBA 825

Thank you very much for your answer. I was worried about this HBA behavior!!!!

Thanks again.

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