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Problem on an old 12000

Dear all,

i'm solliciting your help as i experienced a strange thing yesterday

one of the blade of my 12000 just crashed with error :

error EM-1034 : Slot 9 set to faulty, rc)50015

critical BL-1003 : Faulting blade in slot 9

I have no idea why this happen, i don't know how to find more detailed logs, or meaning of the return code 50015

So if someone can help...

thanks for your help



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Re: Problem on an old 12000

Ok, if you still have an active support contract with your vendor, call them to get this fixed.

If you want to try some things first, collect an supportsave and go thru the logs.

As per FOS system error messages reference manual, your option are.

-reboot or powercycle the blade (slotpoweroff and slotpoweron commands)

-reseat the blade

-replace the blade

The reason is in the return code (50015), which i'm sorry to say I have no details on.

Perhaps the logs will explain in more detail what went wrong..

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