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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Principle and cfg


I have a question regarding the Principle question and the configuration takeover. We are planning to replace a FC switch that is at the moment Principle. The replacement switch shall get the same configuration and shall become the new Principle.

How do I get that run:

1. Change the new switch DomainID to a lower one than the current.

2. Delete the configuration of the new switch, that it has no cfg.

3. Connect the replacement switch to the current Principle switch.

    a. Hopefully the new switch becomes Principle

    b. Hopefully the current configuration will be tranferred to the new switch.

Is that correct? The old switch which will be replaced is a Brocade 5000 (32 ports), FOS 6.4.1, the new is a 5300 (80 ports) also FOS 6.4.1.


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Re: Principle and cfg

the switch with lowest WWN become automatically as Principal.

In a case the 5000 have lowest WWN ( ...and i think is not because new switch generation by have all lowest WWN ) you need just to force the 5300 with the command fabricprincipal as principal switch. 


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