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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Principal vs Subordinate switch

Our core switch (brocade dcx-4s-b) changed the role to Subordinate from Principlal during the Upgrade. Does it make any differences in the fabric configuration? Is changing the switch role a must? This is production environment, I think changing role is a disruptive process. Please advise me. 

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Re: Principal vs Subordinate switch



technically it makes no real difference. The principal manages the time and the domain ID assignments in the fabric. If it changed (not normal at all in my eyes) to a pizzabox switch I would change it back to the director, higher CPU..etc..


You can force the principal switch non-disruptively with the fabricprincipal -f CLI. See the Help pages. It just forces a Built Fabric.

You can also assign priorities for each switch to prevent things like that.



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Re: Principal vs Subordinate switch

Thank you Thomas. Just wanted to confirm that  changing fabric role is a non-disruptive activity becuase I had seen the confusing statements in this forums whether fabric build is disruptive or not.

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