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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Prerequisites for FOS upgrade

I'm planning to upgrade Fabric OS from v6.3.2b to 7.3

I understand this is a stepped upgrade but do I need to confirm my server HBAs are compatable with this newer version of FOS before upgrading?


If so, where do I find a list/matrix of compatable HBA firmware and multipathing software?


Is there anything else I need to check compatability before starting the upgrades?


Many thanks

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Re: Prerequisites for FOS upgrade

Hello Andy,


This is a very conflicting point.


I'll not say excatly what you should do, because each one has its own method.


I will say what I do, ok?


1 - determine if your equipment supports FOS 7.3: look for Brocade Fabric OS release Notes FOS 7.3 and check supported models

2 - stabilish the target path: for non disruptive upgrade, you need to do the upgrade in steps > 6.3.2b > 6.4.x > 7.0.x > 7.1.x > 7.2.x > 7.3.x . Look for a document called brocade target path in this community

3 - Once stabilished the target path, I like to have in hand all FOS release notes for the intermediary versions. I use to make a brief search looking for the words "upgrade and firmwaredownload" and check if ther is some defect related to it.

4 - Check the compatibility of the Target FOS version with my storages Microcode . Usually I ask for the vendors trhough a support ticket, but for the big storage players (i.e EMC/IBM/HDS) , there is a lot of documentation available.

5 - Do the Upgrade.


Note that I dont look into multipath/driver of the servers, because this remains in the storage-to-server interop matrix. Keep in mind that Brocade always add functions and features and it is very rare the situations where a new firmware caused an unexpected behavior in the servers (apart known defects, i.e in the 6.3.0c RSCN defect)

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Re: Prerequisites for FOS upgrade

brocade target path is your guide for FOS upgrade. it is currently tailored for 7.2, but you can add one more step for the latest 7.3 recommended by your vendor/support organisation.
for HBA and other SW compatibility, you'll need to ask your Server/OS/SW/HBA (maybe Storage as well) vendor/support.

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