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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Portperfshow on Brocade 300


We just applied recently a new license on one of our Brocade 300 in order to open the last 8 ports; we are able to attach devices on the ports and use them except when I try to run a "portperfshow" it looks like there is no traffic through the new licensed ports even though we are successfully in running backup jobs which for sure are generating traffic. Is there any other configuration or license that is needed in order to be able to monitor the performance on the POD ports.

Thank you

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Re: Portperfshow on Brocade 300

No license is required for portperfshow.


portperfshow 10

where 10 is a 10 sec delay.

Post the o/p here and also o/p of the following

errshow -r

errdump -r



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Re: Portperfshow on Brocade 300

thank you for replay, It looks like rebooting the switch solved the problem, i was hoping i can get around this without a restart, since the restart i can get stats from portperfshow on all the ports.

Thank you again


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