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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Portlogshow - explanation required

In the output of portlogshow command, what  the event "seq" stand for? How can I interpret the args for given event? The sample of my output of the cmd is below. Please advise me if there is any docs/links that could help me out.  Thanks.

#portlogdumpport 9

time task event port cmd args
Sat Jan 31 03:16:06 2009
03:16:06.564 PORT Rx2 9 24 02fffffc,00ca0900,0fc8ffff,01000000
03:16:06.564 PORT Tx2 9 0 c0ca0900,00fffffc,0fc8035f,00000001
03:16:06.565 FCPH read 9 24 02fffffc,00ca0900,90000000,00000000,0fc8035f
03:16:06.565 FCPH seq 9 18 20290000,0fc8035f,00000434,0000001c,00000000
03:16:06.565 nsd0 ctin 9 fc 00030121,50060168,3ea04048
03:16:06.565 nsd0 ctout 9 fc 00018002,00ca1d00
03:16:06.565 FCPH write 9 20 03ca0900,00fffffc,90000000,00000000,0fc8035f
03:16:06.565 FCPH seq 9 14 20980000,0fc8035f,00000479,0004001c,00000000
03:16:06.565 PORT Tx2 9 20 03ca0900,00fffffc,0fc8035f,01000000
03:16:06.566 PORT Rx2 9 0 c0fffffc,00ca0900,0fc8035f,00000001


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Re: Portlogshow - explanation required

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There is only non-sharable documentation reserved for traces experts because portlogdump is only one element of the comprehension of an event.

For your information, FCPH task is relative to Fibre Channel Physical that handle frames for FC-2 level and below.


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Re: Portlogshow - explanation required

If you search for Brocade PortlogDump reference Guide on google you might be able to find one published May 2004.

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