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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Port type adaptive for L-port

Customers have IBM P570 samll machine, 6 sets; Double HBA(Emulex LPe111-X FV2.50A8 DV8.; OS :AIX(6100-06-03-1048),Connect the 2 sets BR-300 switch,Has 4 connected switchshow display port F-port; And have 2 shows L-port;
Port type for adaptive; Why will identify into L-port, not F-port.
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Re: Port type adaptive for L-port

Wrong configuration of the HBA is one possibility. The server admin can change the settings to switched instead of loop.

On the switch side you can disallow the port to be an L-Port with the command portcfggport.

If you run this command the traffic will be interupted.

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