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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Port fence implementation in Backbone Routers

Hi All,

Is it possible to monitor c3 discards in E-Ports of  Router and edge switches using port fencing feature and can we disable it when threshold breached ?

For E-Port, i see only CRC, ITW, LR, PE, ST are supported for port fencing and not C3TX_TO.

Can i use Port Type - Port for this purpose which has C3TX_TO area?

Any inputs are highly appreciated.

Port Type|Area        |PF Status   |High threshold


E-port   |CRC         |enabled     |100
     |ITW         |enabled     |100
     |LR          |enabled     |5
     |PE          |disabled    |5
     |ST          |disabled    |50
FOP-port |CRC         |disabled    |1000
     |ITW         |disabled    |1000
     |LR          |disabled    |500
     |C3TX_TO     |disabled    |5
     |PE          |disabled    |5
     |ST          |disabled    |50
Port |CRC         |disabled    |1000
     |ITW         |disabled    |1000
     |LR          |disabled    |500
     |C3TX_TO     |disabled    |5
     |PE          |disabled    |5
     |ST          |disabled    |50



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Re: Port fence implementation in Backbone Routers


Yes, you can use the E-Port C3 discards under Port type which includes EX-Ports.When the threshold is reached you use port fencing to disable the affected port. But you have to be very carefull with this feature because a slow drain device could cause Tx C3 discards on ISLs (no matter if they're e-port or ex-ports) and according to this policy it would be disabled not been the originator of the issue...


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