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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Port configuration help?

We bought a pair of EMC DS-5100B used off ebay.

When I received the switches, I found that the ports were not responding normally.


Index Port Address Media Speed State Proto
0 0 030000 id N8 In_Sync FC Disabled (Incompatible port mode)
1 1 030100 id N8 No_Sync FC Disabled (Incompatible port mode)


I ran the portshow command and received the following output:


fs1:admin> portshow 0
portIndex:   0
portName: EQX_CORE_ISL
portHealth: OFFLINE

Authentication: None

EX_Port Mode:   Enabled
Fabric ID:      40
Front Phantom:  state = Not OK  Pref Dom ID: 3
Fabric params:  R_A_TOV: 0      E_D_TOV: 0      PID fmt: auto

Authentication Type: None
Hash Algorithm: N/A
DH Group: N/A
Edge fabric's primary wwn: N/A
Edge fabric's version stamp: N/A

portDisableReason: Incompatible port mode
portCFlags: 0x0
portFlags: 0x4021        PRESENT U_PORT EX_PORT DISABLED LED
LocalSwcFlags: 0x0
portType:  17.0
POD Port: Port is licensed
portState: 2    Offline
Protocol: FC
portPhys:  6    In_Sync         portScn:   2    Offline
port generation number:    0
state transition count:    1

portId:    030000
portIfId:    4302000f
portWwn:   20:00:00:05:1e:80:3e:35
portWwn of device(s) connected:

Distance:  normal
portSpeed: N8Gbps

LE domain: 0
FC Fastwrite: OFF
Interrupts:        0          Link_failure: 0          Frjt:         0
Unknown:           0          Loss_of_sync: 1          Fbsy:         0
Lli:               7          Loss_of_sig:  2
Proc_rqrd:         6          Protocol_err: 0
Timed_out:         0          Invalid_word: 0
Rx_flushed:        0          Invalid_crc:  0
Tx_unavail:        0          Delim_err:    0
Free_buffer:       0          Address_err:  0
Overrun:           0          Lr_in:        1
Suspended:         0          Lr_out:       0
Parity_err:        0          Ols_in:       0
2_parity_err:      0          Ols_out:      1
CMI_bus_err:       0

Port part of other ADs: No

Not being well versed in Brocade CLI, I don't know the correct way to get these ports working.


Also, as an FYI, I cannot access the web URL for the switch. I believe there is some incompatability in thhe version of Jave being used, but I tried several versions and was not able to bring up any pages, so stuck with CLI at this time.

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Re: Port configuration help?



have you configured those Port or is this a preview config on the switch ?


if no do follow in order to set the port to default


portcfgpersistentdisable port_number

portcfgdefault port_number

portcfgpersistentenable port_number


about the WEB Tools, most probable you have JAVA issue, Depend what for FOS release is installed you need other JAVA Version, for details refer the Release Notes


->Not being well versed in Brocade CLI, I don't know the correct way to get these ports working.


Refer the Command Reference Manuals and Admin Guide.


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