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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Port License


How to find whether the port is licensed or not  thru CLI and SMI for Mcdata Switch. One below marked in bold gives me whether it is licensed or not thru CLI. How i can get the value in SMI. I don't see any property im Mcdata_Fcport object.

Show.Port> profile 24
Error 292: Port Number out of Range
Show.Port> profile 23
Port Number:            23
Blocked:                Unblocked
Blocked Reason:
Operating Type:         None
Operating Speed:        N/A
Port WWN:               20:1B:08:00:88:03:77:5E
Configured Type:        gxPort
Configured Speed:       Neg
Beaconing:              Disabled
FAN:                    Enabled
FC Address:             N/A
Attached WWN:           None
Operational State:      Inactive
Reason:                 No key enabled
Rx BB Credits:          5
Optics Identifier:      SFP
Connector Type:         LC
Transceiver:            Short
Distance Capability:    Intrmdt
Media Type:             M-M 50-62.5 um
Speed Capability:       1G 2G
10G FC Compliance:      N/A

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