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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Password Recovery from existing SANHealth configuration files discovered.

Brocade, Anyone,


I have a cient that has a AMS2500 attached to a pair on Brocade 5100 Switches.

The issue is that the person that use to support these no longer is with the company and they no longer have contact with the individual. What I have discovered is there are a pair of SAN Health files on the server which was being used to manage the SAN. I am inquiering if there is a way I can submit these to Brocade to have the password recovered and sent to the owner (Listed in the SANHealth Configuration files.).


This was part of a divestiture project I was on and am about to leave and have notified then that they will not be able ot modify their SAN until they either obtain the passwords do do a PasswordReset on the switches which is possibly determental because they do not know if the fabric is setup correctly.

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