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Not Working: Cascade two AG (Brocade 300 - Brocade 200 AG - HP 4/12 AG)



I'm trying to cascade two access gateways as per published Brocade AG documentaiton and running into an issue.


We have:


- Brocade 300 in Native Mode running FabricOS 7.1.1

- Brocade 200 in Access Gateway Mode running Fabric OS 6.2.2f

- HP 4/12 Blade Interconnect (C7000) in Access Gateway Mode running Fabric OS 6.2.2f


What I'm trying to do is:


[Brocade 300 - NATIVE]  ---  [Brocade 200 - AG (Core)]  --  [HP 4/12 AG (Edge)]


In the above configration both:


- Brocade 200 uplinks to 300 via 2 x 4G links

- HP 4/12 uplinks to Brocade 200 via 2 x 4G links


- Brocade 200 and HP 4/12 switches were configured as follows:


ag --modeenable


ag --policydisable pg

ag --policyenable auto



No other commands were used.


I see uplink ports from HP 4/12 negotiate as G ports on B200.   One of the two uplinks disables.


What works:


- When I connect both Brocade 200 AG and HP 4/12 AG to B300 directly (no AG cascade).




- Is my target state supported?

- Am I missing a command / setting / parameter somewhere?


Reference docs:    (pg. 70)

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