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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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NodeSymb information from nslookup

I noticed that on my Brocade FC switches I can gather information like:

HG620A_01:FID128:admin> nsshow | grep -i emulex | grep -i 1205

    NodeSymb: [83] "Emulex HP-LPe1205A FV2.03X6 DV11.2.247.0 HN:neo3esx07 OS:VMware ESXi 6.0.0"


In this case it looks as if the FV indicates the adapter firmware version and the DV indicates the boot image firmware version. I

                The Emulex HP-LPe1205A is running adapter firmware version 2.03X6 with boot firmware version on the host named neo3esx07.


Is this interpretation correct?


I am working on verifying that all the systems are running the appropriate version of firmware. Can this reliably be used to determine which adapters need upgrades?


I imagine that this information is passed to the name server if the operating system driver supports that functionality.


Howard Jares

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Re: NodeSymb information from nslookup


you're right FV is for firmware and DV is for driver.
HN: is a hostname of server.

You will see this info only for devices with FDMI enabled/supported. You may try command bellow to display info from DB.


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Marian Bezeg

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