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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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No prompt at maintenance port (IBM SAN12m1)

I have a second hand IBM Totalstorage SAN12m1/rebadged sphereon 4300).  The person I bought it from does not have the IP/Admin login info.  So I connected to the system with a DB9 cable and booted it.

I don't get a > prompt to login - below is the output at the maintenance port.  Am I simply missing something or if not is there something I can do to try and get a prompt - or do I have a conversation starter?

Port settings are set as desribed in the IBM/brocade service manual for the model.

Thanks in advance

Target Name: vxTarget
User: target
Attached TCP/IP interface to emac unit 0
Attaching network interface lo0... done.
NFS client support not included.


Copyright 1984-1998  Wind River Systems, Inc.

            CPU: IBM PowerPC 405GP Rev. E
        VxWorks: 5.4.2
    BSP version: 1.2/6
  Creation date: Oct  9 2003
            WDB: Ready.

SSP0: Subsystem initialization starting
               total    0
              badsum    0
            tooshort    0
            toosmall    0
             badhlen    0
              badlen    0
         infragments    0
         fragdropped    0
         fragtimeout    0
             forward    0
         cantforward    0
        redirectsent    0
     unknownprotocol    0
           nobuffers    0
         reassembled    0
        outfragments    0
             noroute    0

SSP0: Subsystem instantiation complete

Current trace area is set to 0 for subsystem 1 (AS)
SNMP: subsys init

FAF_MODEL_SPECIFIC_INFO::unknown IBM Model Number(7) for 12-port machine
SNMP: agent_task begins...

LOGIN_SERVER: subsytem reg with nid_db change tsk= 2245b18 index= 0

LOGIN_SERVER: subsytem reg with rtin_db change tsk= 2245b18 index= 0

SSP0: FcpPrvt:FcpSrvrTskRng.

  The Embedded Web Server has been enabled.

SSP0: MS_ROUTER::_main_task() checking integrity of repl. db's now.

  The Command Line Interface has been enabled.

Route Manager Routing Task running
SSP0: Path Selection Manager entering service

Route Manager Zoning Task running

Route Manager Rerouting Task running

Route Manager Flow Task running

Route Manager Link Task running
SSP0: Login Server entering service

SSP0: Name Server entering service

    Fabric Paths Available
Fabric Processes Completed
SNMP: trap_task begins...

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Re: No prompt at maintenance port (IBM SAN12m1)

Power OFF the switch.

Connect Serial Cable

Open a Telnet Connection and Power ON

Press Enter or ESC immediately when Boot procedure begin.

Your are in the prompt Log-In.

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Re: No prompt at maintenance port (IBM SAN12m1)

Will give it a try tonight and get back to you.


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Re: No prompt at maintenance port (IBM SAN12m1)

Well that did not help.

I must not be hitting the Esc key or enter key at the right time as it just scrolls right on by until the snmp trap task - and than stops outputting more information or responding to key strokes.

Pressing and hold either key and than booting the switch only ends up with me crashing putty.

On the bright side I was able to discover the IP address by doing a TCP dump - bad news is still no clue about the password and trying to browse to port 80 get's me a http 400 error.

Any other thoughts?

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