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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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No Vendor Name


I have a Problem with Zoning my new HBA's (QLE2462)

The WWNs appear in Webtools but i dont see the Vendor Name like on the other HBA's. I see only the WWN and a white Sheet ...

Brocade 300 with v6.1.0j

Whats my fault ?

wwn.JPG wwn2.JPG



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Re: No Vendor Name

you do not have any fault.It is the HBA vendor.Sometimes it does not show . Is it AIX system?

As along as your zoning is working you do no t have to be worry about the vendor name like  in CLI this does  not require. Only thing is if you want to know the make and model you have to go to the server and find it out. you can run SAN health and find it out, it show or not. Or if you have DCFM, you can check it also

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