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No Ethernet connection to a Brocade switch - HELP -

Hi all !

I recently did an upgrade on a Borcade switch in a HP C-Class blade center. Current firmware was 5.2.1b and my plan was to go to 6.2.2e by upgrading the switch in steps... first upgrade was to 5.3.2c, and the upgrade did go fine, and the switch did commit the upgrade... but after the upgrade I have no access to the Ethernet of the switch.

I have rebooted the switch, unplug and re-plug it to the chasses but without any luck.

I have a access to the switch through the Chassis management ( serial ) and everything seems to be working fine... the IP is correctly configured, and I have tried to change the IP address witch work fine... but I cant ping, telnet or access Http on the switch !

The other switch in the cassis is working fine with full access !

Any ideas what can cause a Ethernet port / driver to stop working after an upgrade, and how I can solve this?


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