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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Newbie 200e/300 switch questions

We are a small shop and purchase our first FC san in late 2007, still learning alot but now we are looking to upgrade from a 200e to a 300.  I have a few questions.

1) Am I correct in assuming that fiber switches dont care about what cables are plugged into which physical ports on the switch, because its ideally looking at WWWN's?  Forget about trunking/isl. I just want to know if you could ideally have zoning setup, unplug a Fc cable from port 1 and move it to port 16 for example and things still run fine?

2) As mentioned earlier we are looking to update to the brocade 300, is there an easy way to just dump the zoning config only from the 200e and then use this dump to configure the zoning on the 300?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Newbie 200e/300 switch questions

Hi ecs,

      you can use soft zone.


       alicreate "host1_interface_0","10:00:0e:10:00:00:00:17"

       alicreate "storage_port_0","50:00:0e:10:00:00:00:18"

       zonecreate "host1","host1_interface_0;storage_port_0"

     so you can unplug the port to other port, and still run fine.

    if you migrated 200E to 300, you should save follow information:

    log as telnet.

    on 200E,




    on 300,

    use zonecreate command.

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Re: Newbie 200e/300 switch questions

On question one we simply used single initiator using the graphical wizard.  So when using that are the ports hardset or not? or do you have to set things up special using the cli and telnet?

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Re: Newbie 200e/300 switch questions

if you do portbased zoning taking sw ID and port no, whether it is through GUI/CLI, then you have to rezone the device again , wher you will change the port. if you are using aliases and name server zoning, then it is flexible, you can remove the device from any port and insert in any other port like you have said.

For 200E to 300 sws, you have to merge 300 SW with 200E and then aftre it is merged , simply take one path at a time off from 200E and then put it on 300 SW port, you do not have to rezone all the devices.yes, if the device is AIX OS one, then on OS side you have to do rmdev/cfgmgr

I have created a doc in wiki for merging the SW, you can follow that and do it.

If u find the thread helpful, pls make it correct.

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