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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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New Switch could not join Fabric (Error Msg: Implicit Platform Service Enable operation blocked)

Hi There,

I tried to add a new B80 SAN Switch (with Unique Domain-ID & role of Subordinate Switch) to existing SAN Fabric.

The error message I keep getting when enabling the Ports on new B80 (Firmware: 6.4.2a) Switches for it to join the existing SAN Fabric is:

Implicit Platform Service Enable operation blocked.

Have been researching on Brocade website.

It seems that it is blocked by Management Server Platform. According to the URL above, this feature is no longer used in Brocade & can be deleted.

Could anyone advise/confirm if this Management Server Platform, is still being used in Brocade & whether it can be deleted?

I am concerned of the following commands. Would they cause any segmentation of Switches in the Fabric?

- msplatshow

- msplatshowDBCB

- mscapacibilityShow

- msplclearDB

- msplMgmtActivate

- msplMgmtDeactivate

eg. Would msplMgmtActivate invoke Switch reboot?

Thank You.

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Re: New Switch could not join Fabric (Error Msg: Implicit Platform Service Enable operation blocked)

Greetings seongchu.

There are a number of things that are not supported with the "MS Platform Management Service" enabled.  For example, in the FOS 6.3 Admin Guide, it states FC Routing is not supported when this service running. 

If memory serves, Fabric Manager (which is very old now), EFCM (which came from McDATA), older versions of WebTools and API functions used the MS Platform service as it provided FC-GS (fibre channel generic services) support. Specifically FC-GS3/GS4 and was sometimes referred to as OSMS (Open Systems Management Server).  It was primarily for 3rd party management tools. 

Another limitation with the MS Platform Service enabled, only 1000 devices can exist in a fabric (this goes for VDX as well).

I do not believe  msplMgmtActivate/msplMgmtDeactivate envokes requires a switch reboot, but if you need a definitive answer on that, please contact your switch provider's support teams for consultation. 


Mike Eversole
Brocade Community Manager

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