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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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New Fabric Set-up - 200E and 300

Hello All:

I am looking to join the following SAN switches into a fabric, 200E and 300 (1 of each). The switches will be linked via a fibre connection. The product manuals seem very sparse on how to do this. I was wondering if anyone on this forum would be kind enough to give me a detailed by simple run down on what needs to be done?

Is this possible without Brocade Fabric Management software installed on a server? can the 2 switches within a fabric maintin a fabric without that software?

Im not a SAN noivce, and used MDS switches before.

Thanks, and will await some help

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Re: New Fabric Set-up - 200E and 300

Hi Matthew,

the rundown can be simple or complex depending on the foll

1. Are these switches new or already carry important zoning config??

2. Is the FOS release on existing switches and new swithces the same?? If different mention them.

And yes you can use the CLI to achieve the task and manage it as well.

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Re: New Fabric Set-up - 200E and 300

You will be done the next steps:

1. If this the new switch!!! (whitout any config effective and defined use in ssh session configshow). If switch have own config sure!!! that it is unwanted config and do 2, 3 steps. If config is required don't perform 2, 3 steps!

2. cfgclear

3. cfgsave

4. On both switches (already fabric switch and new switch) on cross-connected ports run portcfgeport x/x, 1

5. On both switches (already fabric switch and new switch) on  cross-connected ports run (add more portbuffers) portcfglongdistance x/x LE 1 (LE if switches not far from eath other)

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