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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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New FCIP tunnel dont utilize

We have a new storage (HDS VSP) array  in datacenter and we want to replicate some data between two sites.

We have brocade 7800 both site, and we already use for other storage array replication.

For new storage array traffic , we want to use new Ethernet port on both 7800 (ge4 and ge5).

I created new FCIP tunnel on Monday. Everything seem fine ( ip interfaces, ip route, ping  test etc.)

I start array replication with many luns sucessfully.

But new tunnel and circuits don’t utilize. All traffic going on old tunnel.

VSP directly connected 7800 with two FC port (13,14). I created new two VE port (18,19)

How redirect new VSP traffic to new VE port through new tunnel? 



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Re: New FCIP tunnel dont utilize

Maybe you've seen this. I've written a short article on it over here which might be the cause. (Not 100% sure, there can be more causes)


Maybe that helps. Otherwise you would need to open a case to see whats going on.




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Re: New FCIP tunnel dont utilize



best practise is not to create second tunnel between two sides. Add circuits to the existing tunnel.



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Re: New FCIP tunnel dont utilize

Hi Ralf,


Existing conf rely on one tunnel (2 VE port) between two sites.

I want to use TI zone for isolate traffic. In this case , if i dont create additional tunnel (VE ports) i have to use one of the existing VE port. but i have already high replication traffic. I want to use only ge4 and ge5 for new array trafic. it think somehow it is possible



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