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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Network Advisor Export Alerts

Hi , Im new to Network Advisor - and have been asked to monitor the alerts from Network Advisor using our corporate monitoring tool. I know you can use trap forwarding but this doesnt retain any of the nice formatting and detail from Network Advisor and I dont want to reinvent the wheel by having to translate all the trap data into English (I tried with some existing tools \ mib data but it still doesnt  cover all the alerts and the data still looks pretty raw).  I want to get the alerts from Network Advisor into Tivoli Monitoring \ Omnibus.   I wondered about using syslog but it doesnt look like that actually logs network alerts, just application related changes. Perhaps its possible to monitor the Network advisor database to pull the alerts that way?  Any suggestions or even magic mib files to  cover everything in FOSv7 would be helpful.  Another idea is to use email forwarding to Omnibus but Im concerned that may introduce a delay and seems overly complex.  Thanks.

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