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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Need some help with legacy FC hardware

I have  some older LSI-CTS2600 drive arrays.


I want to use them as raid arrays on CCTV systems.


My DVR's are typically Dell Optiplex PC's such as Optiplex 990 or newer running Windows 7 Pro or Windows 10 Pro.


I am looking to find away to use these FC drive arrays as Raid Arrays, I prefer not software arraid as thai will slow down the processors.


Is there a HBA card I can purchase that will perform the hardware raid (must be PCI cards) or and external hardware raid controller you could recommend that I can place between the PC and the drive arrays.


The arrays will contian 1TB to 4TB sata drives.


Any help woruld be appreciated.


Thanks, Ken

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Re: Need some help with legacy FC hardware



first at all, you are here in the wrong community.


you are looking here indeed for a Vintage Solutions.


Brocade - in the past and present - has never offer such PCI or external RAID Controller.


Such a Technology was in the past offered from ICP Vortex; Mylex; Adaptec / DPT.


All this solution was supported with Windows NT Server 3,51 and 4.0 , and Windows 2000 Server, till year +/- 2000, at this Time Seagete offered 80 and 146 GB FC Driver !!!, such PCI Controller support max. a entire LUN / Volume of 2TB,   where external RAID Support max. 512 GB 


additional such old hardware are not supported on Win 7 and Win 10.







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