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Need help using ssh and public key on Fabos 5.3


I have a bunch of automated ssh scripts to query my 3900s and 12ks running 5.02 . I am moving to 4900s and 48Ks running Fabos 5.3 ... when I set up switches with my public key I cannot get ssh logins to load the right profile and with the path to run the command. All my scripts run using the "user" id. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Nick A.

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Re: Need help using ssh and public key on Fabos 5.3

This is related to "bug" within 5.3 and some later versions like fos6.0.

You have to add the pathes to your commands than it should work. Login as root and find the specific command.

Try to run your commands like this: bash --login -c \'PATH=/fabos/link_abin:/fabos/link_sbin:/fabos/link_bin fabricshow'

With Perl and ssh this works fine.

Best regards Andy

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