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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Need help on implementing ISL connection

Hi all,

We need to establish connection between two data centers.. each DC has 2 switch4900 & 5300 . we have connected the DC using a DWDM link. of DC1

what are the parameters that are to be considerd??

1) The distance between the DWDM of DC1 ---- DC2 is less than 30KM

2) Should we be using extened fabric license? if so a down time required?

3) do we need to set the portcfgislmode & portcfglongdisctance ? and does it required a downtime ?

3) currently the aptpolicy is policy based routing on both the DC switches, IOD is on and DLS is off

4) we are using SW SFP

5) please add if i miss something....

thanks for the help

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Re: Need help on implementing ISL connection

Hi in response to your questions:

1) Ok, no prob.

2) Yes, you should. In order to activate a license, depending on the license you may require to reboot the switch. In case of Extended Fabric license, i reckon you don't need to fully reboot the switch.

3)  Depending on the DWDM array you may need to configure ISLmode or not. In order to stablish an extended ISL you have to use portcfglondistance. It does not require a downtime, but in order to configure it the port with reset.

3b) IOD/DLS have no impact when implementing Extended ISLs.

4) The SFP type depends on the DWDM SFP direclty connected to the switch port.

5) Just remember that if you're merging to different fabrics together, the Active config must be exactly the same at both ends.

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