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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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NPIV and Access Gateway question

I have a very high level question.

I would like to begin "playing" with NPIV on a single device in our environment.  I'm currently running FOS 6.4.2a on all switches.

Can I use NPIV on a single port of an edge switch without making the entire switch an Access Gateway?  There are still 20 other devices on that switch utilizing the existing ISL trunks.

I see since the upgrade to FOS 6.4.2a that NPIV is enabled on all ports.  So I was just going to have the sysadmins do their thing, and wait to see what a portloginshow would show.



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Re: NPIV and Access Gateway question

Hi Phil -

yes you can. By connecting a host running any hypervisor that supports NPIV such as Hyper-V, VMware, IBM VIO, etc.

NPIV can be used at 2 levels :

   - hypervisor level : each VM is identified with 'virtual' wwn, hypervisor is the NPIV device

   - switch level : in access gateway mode (for brocade devices) or NPV mode (cisco devices), the whole switch himself is the NPIV device, kind of SAN gateway for all connected hosts to the san backbone.

You can even connect a hypervisor on an access gateway switch and will have NPIV of NPIV (named "nested" NPIV)

Hope this helps

Kind regards,



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