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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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NIC Teaming Brocade 1860

Hello All,

I have two brocade 1860-2 cards installed in a physical server running Windows Server 2008 R2. I am trying to team port 0 on both cards using LACP 802.3ad. Port 0 is connected to diverse Cisco 5020 switches. According to my network guy, they support multi-switch link aggregation.

I am then attempting to do the same with port 1 on each card (with a different IP of course).

After I setup the team, I configure the new network device for a static IP, but I cannot seem to get connectivity. ipconfig show that the new teamed interface has an IP, but the machine cannot ping any other machine.

The status for all devies show network cable unplugged. (I'm using ILO for connectivity). As a side note, while I am writing this discussion, the issue seems to be intermittent with one of the teamed interfaces. The status will show enabled for the physical ports, and the teamed device will say network. The other interfaces, however, are still showing network cable unplugged.

I have opened a case with Brocade, but they can only confirm the teaming settings, and provide no guidance on the switch setup since it is Cisco.

Anyone with ideas, suggestions, or experience with this issue willing to provide some input would be greatly appreciated.

Discalimer: I'm not a Windows or Networking guy. I've primarily done Unix and SAN most of my career, so I may be way off base here thinking that this is possible. My Windwos server guy and networking guy seems to think it can be done, but can't figure it out. Since we use these cards for SAN connectivity, and I'm the SAN guy, this has now become my responsibility.

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Re: NIC Teaming Brocade 1860

--->>>I have opened a case with Brocade, but they can only confirm the teaming settings, and provide no guidance on the switch setup since it is Cisco.

Brocade still Certified and Support 1860 for Third Part Ethernet Switch, however I think and indeed is not Brocade jobs to Setup Third Part Switch.

Q: Is the Brocade 1860 Fabric Adapter compatible with Fibre Channel and Ethernet

switches from other vendors?

A: Yes. The Brocade 1860 is based on open industry standards, and it can connect to other

vendors’ Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks, including Cisco, QLogic, HP, Juniper,

Arista, and many others. For the most up-to-date interoperability information, visit

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Re: NIC Teaming Brocade 1860

You're right, but you're not telling me anything I don't already know. I'm not asking Brocade to setup the switch, but perhaps provide guidlines for configuring the port channel. There is more than one way to configure the channel for LACP, I want to make sure that our network guy is following best practice.

And yes, I know that the switch is compatible. I wouldn't be wasting my time trying to get this to work if it was not. (BTW, I didn't ask if it was compatible)

The reason I am posting here, is to see if there is anyone in this community that has done this before and can provide insight.

I have worked with other vendors that provide such guidlines when implementing their product.

This may not be a Brocade issue. If you had read the discalimer in the original post, you would have seen that my background is not Windows or Networking, but I am having to take on this task anyway.

I'll try my luck in another forum that can provide useful information rather than just stating the obvious.

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Re: NIC Teaming Brocade 1860

Not to answer your question, but more to join your side. I called brocade support in regards to the nic card and they refered me to their switch team instead.  Then i kept getting bounced back and forth between the 2 teams because neither could figure out whos problem it was.  And in my case i am using a pair of Brocade VDX switches doing vLAG on the switch side and then trying to team using the Brocade 1860-2 adapter.  An collected answer from both teams to describe the full situation of how this should be implemented might help.  Hint Hint!

I know your not on a Brocade switch but hopefully there is enough similarities in our 2 setups that if they can answer mine then we can apply it to yours.

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