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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Multipaths of host from Storage


may be this is a dumb question can some one clarify for me .

we configured multipaths for hosts on storagearray/Fabric meaning


HBA1 - Fabric-A  - FED Port 1A

HBA2 - Fabric-B  - FED Port 2A

so here storage array / Fabric perspective we have multipaths for hostA. I understand benefits on host if multipath

failover software is present like performance/protection/failover/best route stuff,  but let say if my Fabric-A down down

with no multipath software installed on HostA does it route the IO to live path ( Fabric-B ) or it doesn't have inteligance

to move the io to live path and cause system to hung ??

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Re: Multipaths of host from Storage

Whether or not your host is intelligent enough depends on the OS and or the administrator.

Windows 2008 for instance has MPIO builtin by MS, but you have to enable the feature first and then add the array to the list of multipathed device or add a DSM.

HPUXv3 has MPIO builtin for HP array's, I'm unsure HP's solution would also work against, for instance, an EMC array.

If you're working with LVM and don't want a MPIO solution (like powerpath, multipathd) you might want to use pvlinks or "alternate links" instead.

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