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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Moving Licences to another unit

I sure this has been asked, but anyay.

We have a DS4100 x32 with all 32 ports active, We also have a DS5000 x 32 only 16 ports active,

is it possible to move one of the 8 port on demand license from the 4100 to the 5000, unfortunatley we can't find the original paperwork but you can see the licensing via the CLI and GUI on the 4100.

Both units are connected together via the ISL

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Re: Moving Licences to another unit


with or without paperwork, you cannot move license from one switch to another, excepted by repelacement due defective with Active Maintenance Contract.

In such case the License can be moved from Brocade from one switch to another one, "same Switch Type" and not on different Swicthes.

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Re: Moving Licences to another unit

Thanks for the quick reply, thought it might be a long shot, but if you don't ask as they say

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