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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Moving AIX Servers and Arrays from Cisco Switch to Brocade Switch


We are moving from Cisco to Brocade SAN Switches.  Both the Arrays and Hosts will move.  All dual access.  The Servers are AIX, RHEL, windows and VMware.

Here's the question(s):

1.  When I move the AIX Servers, do I have to do a exportvg/importvg sequence like I do on HP-UX?

     o   i.e. - moving a switch port connection in the HP-UX path from HBA to array (any switch port connection) will cause the !@#$% path to change in HP-UX and the device file name will change and HP-UX LVM won't recognize the device and the communication breaks down.

     o   I though that HP-UX was the only OS that did this.  But I've come to see that AIX may also have this limitation.  Does it?

     o   I have seen forum postings from Allen Ward that indicate that this is so.

2.  Will I have problems with anything else?

     o  RHEL

     o  VMware - I don't think so.  I think he scans the volume and identifies it and I'm okay.

     o  Windows, doesn't have this problem.  I know that.

3.  Can I do these migrations live, or will I have to reboot?


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Re: Moving AIX Servers and Arrays from Cisco Switch to Brocade Switch

In AIX if you are changing  the SWs port you have to do rmdev and cfgmgr or reboot server. If HITACHI arrays are there , multipathing SW HDLM will cause an issue.So it is better to unomunt and very off the file system. Then when you will connect the HBAs to Brocade SW, in that port it will show you L-port /In_sync. SO you have to rmdev and cfgmgr or you may have to reboot the system.

But from CISCO how you are migarting. Are you going ot merge the SWs (Cisco & Brocade in interop mode ) and migrate one HBA at a time i.e. one Fabric at a time?

If you find it correct pls make the thread correct

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Re: Moving AIX Servers and Arrays from Cisco Switch to Brocade Switch

The AIX server "binds" to the WWN of the LUN on the storage array.  So you have to "duplicate" the FCID of the Storage Port on the target switch.  If the FCID of the Storage Port is "610413" on the old switch, then you have to make it "610413" on the new switch.  You do that by:

1.  Setting domain ID of the new Switch to "61" which is hex for "97":

     o   lscfg --create 20

     o   setcontext 20

2.  Add ports:

     o   lscfg --config 20 -slot 1 -port 0-47

3.  "activate"

     o   switchdisable

     o   configure

     o   switchenable

4.   Check ports:

      o   switchshow

5.   Set lower 2 digits of FCID:

      o   portdisable 1/4

      o   portcfgalpa  1/4  1           

      o   portenable 1/4

6.   Verify:

      o    switchshow

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