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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Mixed 5000 4100 3800 and 200E architecture, feasible ?


   I am planning to rearrange a set of independant switches into two fabrics.

          Fabric A: 4100 + 5000 + 200E

          Fabric B: 4100 + 5000 + 3800

     I have the opportunity to upgrade FOS to any suitable level.

     Therefore, I was thinking of 6.2.XX for 4100, 5000 and 200E switches and FOS 3.2.1c for the 3800 switch.

     Does that make any sense ?

               I deem 3.2.1c is the latest supported level for 3800 switches.

               I have no idea what is the latest available and recommended (especially in my target architecture) level for the 4100, 5000 and 200E switches



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Re: Mixed 5000 4100 3800 and 200E architecture, feasible ?


exact details about the compatibility beetwen FOS 3.2.1c and FOS 6.x are listed in the FOS 6.x Release notes.

But my opinion is, that not make any sense to implement in the Fabric with NEW switches, a Old Switch like the 3800.

Personally i would remove the 3800 from the fabric.

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Re: Mixed 5000 4100 3800 and 200E architecture, feasible ?


     I do get your point, really ! I just need to get the FOS release notes from our outsourced IT.

     Have I had the choice, I would have got rid of the old 3800 swicth and bought a brand new one.

     But the thing is the CFO won't just let me think of spending a single euro on it.

     This architecture is the only way I can reuse our current hardware (i.e "not waste precious money") and still have all the servers in all our server rooms connected to the storage...

Thanks for your help.



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