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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Mix server login on two differrent (ASICs) gives errors (porterrshow)


Is it a released setup to bring servers with 2 hba to 2 different type Brocades , also the storage boxes to different type Brocades?

                        Local site                                                                 Remote site

                        B300(asic goldeneye2)----------------------------------B5100(asic condor2)


                        B5100(asic condor2)------------------------------------B300(asic goldeneye2)

Ex on the Local site :

What I mean ,the servers with round robin or other failover layer do a fabric login with 4 paths on the Local B300 and 4 paths on the Local B5100.

We had at another customer continious errors (scsi tranfer ) with a setup like this

In the switch, we see a lot of "enc in" errors

Is this way of Fabric setup released at Brocade?

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Re: Mix server login on two differrent (ASICs) gives errors (porterrshow)

I can't find /see a reason why this should not be supported, although i would prefer one type off switch.

The enc_in errors could by a physical problem with an cable or sfp.

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