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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Migration upgrade from DCFM 10.4.x to BNA 11.2.x how many hours?


Im doing a migration upgrade from DCFM 10.4.x to 11.2.x. and im trying to calculate how many hours it will take to do the work? 

I know you have to upgrade DCFM 10.4 to BNA 11.1 first then migrate to 11.2. We currently have a mixture of DCXs(12), 48K directors(4), a couple of 8510s and about 22 6510s. 32 fabrics total.

Has anyone done this upgrade and how long does it take? I have estimated 40hrs for this project from start to finish.

Let me know if you have run to any snags or problems during installation and upgrade.



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