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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Migrating 48K to DCX-8 and DCX-4



We are planning to migrate 48K Core switches to DCX-8 and DCX-4 core switches, each core switch have 14 edge switches.


can anyone suggest step by step document


In front of us we have two methods


1. ISL merge the fabrics

2. FCR & LSAN.


Please share if you have any document for the two methods.



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Re: Migrating 48K to DCX-8 and DCX-4

Hello HEagle,


It simply depends on your SAN characteristics.


If all of your zone members are wwpn (insted of Domain/Index), It would be less traumatical to merge the ISL's.


To do this, of course, the new director must have a unique domain ID.


If you have servers or storages connected at your core, you may need to check if your zones is domain/port zones or wwpn zones. If you have domain/port aliases in your zones, consider converting those alias members to wwpn with zoneobjectreplace in order to simplify the migration process.


Can you describe a little more about you san ?

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Re: Migrating 48K to DCX-8 and DCX-4

Thanks for the reply


Yes we have some storage and hosts connected to Core Switches.


and each Fabric have 14 Edge switches, no AG modes.


If you can give step by step it will be more useful.. or point to a document.



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Re: Migrating 48K to DCX-8 and DCX-4

Hi HEagle,


you want to have a step-by-step document. For this you have to contact a consultant.

The consultant has to check your Fabrics and then he can give you some proposals.

So nothing just for free.

Kind Regards

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