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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Migrate Core Switch

Hello Experts,

I have a Brocade fabric consisting of a 48K as the core, DCX as the edge, 5100 and 5000 as the edge switches. There is a similar redundant fabric in place. We are in the process of promoting DCX as the core and isolate the 48K from the fabric, since all its connections except the ISL's have been moved over to the DCX. Here is the plan that I have prepared:

Steps to be done prior the change window:

  1. Run fibres from the existing edge switches (5100 and 5000) to DCX in both the fabrics.
  2. The ports on DCX to which these switches are to be connected should be disabled at the time of connecting.
  3. Take backup configuration of Zones from both fabric

Steps to be done at the time of change window: (One Fabric at a time)

  1. Enable the ports on DCX where we have ISL’s from the other switches (5100 and 5000) are connected. One port at a time.
  2. Run the command fabricprincipal –f 1 on the DCX switch for it to become the core/principal switch.
  3. Disable the ISL between old 48K core and 5100, and 5000 and make sure the edge switches are still in fabric via new core DCX.
  4. Disable the ISL connections to the 48K switches and make them separate from the Fabric.
  5. Verify if the zone configuration and confirm all remaining connections are working fine.
  6. Take help from system team and check randomly that server are working fine with dual path
  7. Repeat steps 1 to 5 for other fabric.

Please let me know if I have missed anything.

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Re: Migrate Core Switch


If the 48K is the principal switch and you are isolating it from the rest, you don't need to force a BF, it will be automatically done when you remove the last ISL to the 48K. You can set the DCX set to be the principal with fabricprincipal command and it will become when the BF is performed.

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