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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Mib usage between versions

Hi all,


I've been asked to review the monitoring setup for a client who has a large number of Brocade SAN switches scattered around the globe. These will be of varying ages and may or may not have been getting their firmware kept up to date (probably not). As yet, I do not have any accurate information regarding the specific models or firmware versions in use (although this has been requested).

What I am trying to understand is how we should supply MIBs to the monitoring team for this kit, if it's all on different releases. Will we be able to...

1) Use the latest 8.x MIB set across the board for all of them?
2) Use one up to date mib set to cover the 8.x kit and another to cover 7.x kit?
3) Have to supply a separate MIB for every potential verion in use?

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Re: Mib usage between versions

Looking at the MIBs for v8.0.2d, I'd say that they are backward compatible for the most part. The one exception might be MAPS and it's compatability with its predecessor, Fabric Watch.

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Re: Mib usage between versions

Thanks. As regards MAPS, Fabric Watch etc, there's no intention that I know of to use them. My brief, which has to be turned around extremely quickly, is merely to review the configuration for SNMP traps.


For that, I need to know which set (or sets) of MIBs I am safe to specify for use. I then need to review the traps they contain to define which ones should have incidents raised and their severity. Unfortunately, they don't have a Brocade support contract that I can use to clarify this MIB issue, which is why I need to ask here, google having failed to provide any clarification.


Assuming that the client's current MIB versions are either ancient or impossible to date, what I need to confirm is that I am safe to tell them to use the latest 8.x release for all switches and then I can review their contents accordingly. Any thoughts?

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Re: Mib usage between versions

[ Edited ]

I'd say that you are safe.


From the SW.mib:


-- The goal of this mib is to access the any Fibre Channel switch of
-- Brocade's family by using single SW-MIB file.
-- This mib file includes the traps for Silkworm Switch.
-- NOTE: Load BRCD.mib file before loading this mib file.


I chose this one because it has the latest modified date (JUL2016).


Also, in that same MIB:


 MAX-ACCESS  read-only
 STATUS  current
 DESCRIPTION "The World_wide_Name of the Fibre Channel port.
  The contents of an instance are in the IEEE extended format
  as specified in FC-PH; the 12-bit port identifier represents
  the port number within the switch."
  ::= { swFCPortEntry 34 }

 swFCPortSpeed     OBJECT-TYPE
     one-GB   (1),
     two-GB   (2),
     auto-Negotiate (3),
     four-GB (4),
     eight-GB (5),
     ten-GB (6),
     unknown (7),
     sixteen-GB (8),
     thirtytwo-GB (9)



It can read from 1G to 32G, which is gen 1 to gen 6.


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Re: Mib usage between versions

Excellent. Thanks for the clarification. One last question...


Someone in the past has managed to extract from each of their existing MIBs a list of all the trap names and descriptions i.e.


connUnitEventTrap (SNMPv1) Info  An event has been generated by theconnectivity unit.Recommended severity level (for filtering): info - <$*>

connUnitSensorStatusChange (SNMPv1)  Minor  The overall status of the connectivity unit haschanged.Recommended severity level (for filtering): alert - <$*>"


I'm probably expected to produce an updated version from the new MIB files and to update the weightings for use in generating incidents. Is there any easy way to do this other than manual labour picking the sections out of the MIB text?

Thanks in advance.

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