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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Meta-SAN Encryption Design

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I have a customer with a 3-site MetaSAN (call them 1,2 and 3).  Each site has dual fabrics (call them A and B).  Each fabric contains a single DCX director and various blade blade-chassis connections into a production VF.   Site 1 and 2 will have Keystores in them.  I understand the basic encryption configuration of a switch to it's respective host and target, however the documentation is lacking when it comes to larger configurations. 


If I have a DEK Cluster between DCX 1A and 1B, but am replicating from Site 1 to Site 2, is there a way to "DEK Cluster" these two sites?  Otherwise my target lun at Site 2 is encrypted and not in a CTC that Site 2 is aware of.    Is the correct course to create CTCs at Site 2 with the Failover Initiators/Targets and replication destination Lun ID?

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Re: Meta-SAN Encryption Design



I have made some experience with encryption, but to be honestly have a doubt that such a design is support.

I know a TWO Site Enc- Fabric is supported, the draw you post here show TREE Site Enc- Fabric.

which role have the H28 Fabric ?
who manages the Key this Fabric ?

from where you get this design approved ?




--->>>...however the documentation is lacking when it comes to larger configurations.


you are right, I fight for months with Brocade Product Management to obtain more DOC about Encryption, the say is only available for OEM.


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