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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Merging two McData 6064's

Hi. First time poster here. In fact I haven't been a SAN admin for that long, kinda new at this, completely new to the Brocade site. I have a McData 6064 switch and I'd like to merge another 6064 switch with it (need more ports). Foregoing the debate about whether merging is the best thing to do...I'd like somebody to check my work. Tell me if I have this right:

1. Wipe out the configuration (zones and zonesets) on the soon-to-be-introduced 6064.

2. Designate the existing 6064, that the new switch will be merging with, as the "Principle" switch.

3. Ensure I do not have duplicate Domain ID's on the two switches.

4. Assign one port on each switch as an "E" port for ISL?

5. Hook the two E ports together and the merge will automatically commence, right?

Do I have that correct or am I missing something still? And can I keep both switches in "Homogeneous" Interop Mode?


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Re: Merging two McData 6064's


this is Ok, but i would before your begin with the mergind, save the current config from the Productive 6064.

Another import note is the Zoning Isolation Security Mode, enable or disable. Set to disable before begin to Merge, but first after you have save the config from a Principal Switch.

this must work fine, without a problem.

BTW, with EOS Release have the both switch ?

And finaly, yes the best way is both McDATA work in the Native McDATA Mode and not as OpenMode.



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